Tuesday, September 13, 2016

My name in greek

Greek Alphabet
WALT write our names using the greek alphabet.

We know we have done this when we have drawn the letters correctly and published on our blog.

Draw your name using sumo paint and then see if you can find the meaning of your name in Greek.

I found out that my name looks like this Γουλιέλμος

Thursday, September 1, 2016


WALT demonstrate our school
values through hakinakina

We know we have done this when we have been respectful
,kind,honest and enjoyed ourselves.
I shared the basketball round to everybody in my group.
I played fair in tennis.
I didn't hit people in the legs in hockey.
I enjoyed my time playing gutter ball.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo

WALT use videos to make our writing better.
The The Switch
I was the FiFa ball boy. My job is to look after the rainbow color ball. Wait, Ronaldo crosses the ball to William he shots and he scores and the crowd goes wild DONK!  My hero clashed heads with me. It was as hard as smashing me with a wrecking ball. I fell straight onto the cold hard floor felt like drunk toddler. I couldn't feel myself I felt   really strange and I went into a deep deep sleep.

I woke up in the morning by a high pitched sound it was as loud as a truck.I didn't recognize anything I was in a comfortable bed. A alarm clock was going of it was really annoying.  Beep, beep, beep I woke up I was frightened because I was not in my house. I was in a mansion.

I looked in the mirror AHHHHHHHH  I was Cristiano Ronaldo. I crept down stairs and a lady in a fancy dress gave me some keys. The keys were as shiny as diamonds they for my fast car and in my head I was thinking I CAN'T DRIVE A CAR. So I took the keys and went  into the garage. It was as shiny as  and I saw a speedy car it was a lamborghini aventador.

I turned the key and put the gear on reverse and crashed into the wall. Then the car alarm went off. I had to drive to training.

I tried to do around the world but I failed it. I looked so stupid and everybody else looked way better than me. Next we had a light jog.Then after a long day training I went to bed.Then when I woke up in the morning to a big game first we had to vs Barcelona we won 2-1 to us . Then we vs  Portugal and we scored first and the Portugal scored the soccer goal. The I chipped the ball and Lee was coming for the ball ooohh nooo!!! I slipped and I donk heads with heads. I become really confused and I suddenly realized where I  was. I was in the middle of the final of the EURO 2016. Then Ronaldo helped me up and I cheered on my team.


Success Criteria
-Full stops
-Capital letters

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Taumahekeheke O Te Ao

Wal the kupu for the Olympics 

Success Criteria
We know we have done this when we have a correct image for each kupu hou

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Riccarton House

WALT write a descriptive piece of writing.

Add caption
Riccarton House
The scary version

I  am a cleaner
  I work at night. It is really creepy I hear a loud noise at the other side of the dark corridor I ran to see what was there but it was
Ohhhh nooooo!!!!!! It is a black mouse Trying to  eat the fake food in the musty kitchen. I guess that nothing bad can happen in a night shift.
Ok what was that  I think it was at the creaky door. I open the squeaky door it was as hard as titanium. I looked up into the dark night and I saw nothing suddenly there was a LOUD CRASH in the Jane Deans bedroom. I was always too scared to go into the terrifying bedroom but I had too.

I crept  into the bedroom I looked around it was as dusty as heat pump filter. I looked behind the door I saw jane deans she was see through with a black dress and white skin.”. WHAT DO YOU WANT?” I asked. Jane said “I haunt this house at midnight because this is my house and it will always be my house and you MUST LEAVE AT ONCE!!!!!!”

I SAID. Then Jane chased me down the hallway. I ran for my life Jane was screaming like a high pitched choir  and it was really loud. I put my hands around my ears and ran to my car and I put some really loud music and I put on cut it.  Then I drove away. Jane Deans drove away with me to a school . It was called Hornby Primary I drove passed and Jane said” I can haunt this school.”
That's why the school toilets are HAUNTED